The David House Agency is proud to announce the David House Foundation, the first of its kind, nonprofit non-partisan think tank based in Los Angeles, offers research and analysis to families, reporters and others affected by the drastic rise of politically motivated detentions of U.S. citizens abroad, or what security consultants are referring to as “institutional kidnappings” or “Show Trials.”

Analyst are documenting this new international reality in which not just terrorists, but foreign governments have learned to effectively engineer and leverage the detentions of American citizens as a new form of asymmetric warfare. Victims are used as a form of currency, and their value is amplified through manipulation of media to shape public perceptions and levy harsh demands.

Global travelers—students, reporters, tourists, humanitarian aid workers and others—are increasingly vulnerable. Whether taken at gunpoint by a quasi-military organization, or arbitrarily detained by a foreign judicial system, unsuspecting victims, in an instant, become the means for any state or non-state group to effectively strike (or gain leverage) against larger, more powerful nations. All told, “Show Trials” are cases in which power and influence outside the law influence due process for sake of some specific non-judicial objective.

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